New Releases! Lots of fun doing this . Please check out the links : Even His Sure Mercies

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How faithful and true is the Lord Jesus! I wish a blessed 2018 for you. If you like,

please check out a new piano piece done on a beautiful Yamaha 660 /music

This last year was a wonderful year. Not because it was easy, it was not. Not because things went as planned; it did not. It was wonderful for this one thing: the ability to share music online. I have enjoyed an increasing amount of exposure on Pandora. I have enjoyed the privilege of being able to upload music directly and freely simply for the joy of it. All time high stats reached 2000 or son listeners per week. I have also been able to upload to various radio stations just for the joy of it and am grateful to the work particularly of those who run various radio stations.  

I am excited about 2018. I look forward to creating more music. I look forward to further sharing. I hope to take some online courses at Berklee. I look forward to creating more instrumentals hopefully incorporating not just the guitar but also the piano. all these instrumentals are being done with a Christian theme. At this writing  a piano instrumental has been uploaded on Spotify called “ Prayer” . I should have called it “ A Prayer” . Everything is a constant work in progress.  

Thank you for listening and thank you for stopping by. May all glory be given to the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Welcome! I am a Christian singer Songwriter joyfully embarking on a new project: Acoustic guitar instrumentals.Oftentimes the early morning hours will find me working on new creations. This website is my attempt to share as much as I can  with you in the coming months: For updates please visit my blog page: /blog